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Foundation Stabilization with Carbon Fiber Supports in Athens, OH

After living in his house for 18 years, a homeowner in Athens, OH, was ready to address longtime structural problems. One of the home’s foundation walls was cracking and tilting inward, and these issues only appeared to be worsening with time.

Significant damage and safety hazards, as well as costly repairs, can result the longer these signs of foundation wall failure are neglected. The homeowner wanted to fix these problems once and for all, and he began to research how to best address these problems.

He was motivated to contact Ohio Basement Authority after finding information about our company and our repair methods online. He then met with one of our inspectors who assessed the condition of the wall. Our inspector then recommended one of our many trustworthy foundation repair solutions.

One of our crews then installed several Carbon Fiber supports along the problematic foundation wall. These durable supports firmly adhere to the wall to permanently reinforce it and hold it in its current position. The straps also protect the wall from any further cracking or inward bowing. This repair method may not appear to be very attractive, but the straps’ low profile allows them to easily be covered by paint or other basement finishing materials.

The homeowner is now pleased to have a safe and structurally sound living environment because of this reliable repair method.

Encapsulating and Waterproofing a Leaking Basement and Crawl Space in Millfield, OH

During the year that they have lived in their house, homeowners in Millfield, OH, noticed issues in their basement and crawl space areas. These included moisture and improper insulation, which became more evident during cold winter months.

The homeowners wanted to ensure the health and safety of the 150-year-old house. During their research for repair options, the homeowners learned more about Ohio Basement Authority online and they were eager to contact us for help with transforming their basement and crawl space areas.

After meeting with Inspector John Becker Sr., the homeowners were excited for the crew to install several reliable basement waterproofing and crawl space repair products. Because of the older home’s dirt crawl space and basement flooring, the SmartPipe drainage system was installed to catch any seeping water. This water is then directed to the SuperSump sump pump in the basement that will pump the water out of the home and away from the foundation.

Both the crawl space and basement were encapsulated in CleanSpace liner. This thick, durable liner completely isolates these environments from the earth. CleanSpace also acts as a moisture and vapor barrier, and it helps insulate the basement and crawl space. Additional insulation measures included applying spray foam insulation to the band joists and placing TerraBlock foam insulation panels on the crawl space and basement floors before the encapsulation process.

The homeowners are excited to have a basement and crawl space that will now be safer, drier, and healthier because of these reliable repair solutions.

An Unhealthy Crawl Space in Nelsonville, OH, is Encapsulated and Waterproofed

After one year of owning their vacation home, homeowners in Nelsonville, OH, began to notice various issues such as cold floors and water collecting in the crawl space. These issues can lead to an uncomfortable and unhealthy atmosphere within the home.

The owners wanted to be sure this home away from home would be a safe and healthy living environment, so they contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning more about our crawl space repair services online.

We completely transformed this unhealthy area underneath the home by installing several of our reliable crawl space repair products.

The crawl space was encapsulated in CleanSpace liner, which acts as an insulating water and moisture barrier. This liner is also compatible with the SmartSump sump pump that was installed to pump any seeping water out of and away from the crawl space. Spray foam insulation also was added to the rim joists for extra insulation.

The sump pump discharge line was tied into a new downspout conductor line. Exterior vent covers were also placed over the vents to prevent pests, outside air, and precipitation from entering the crawl space.

The homeowners were excited these various permanent solutions were installed so their vacation home will be a healthy place to visit for many years to come.

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Stabilization in Logan, OH

Homeowners in Logan, OH, have noticed their unhealthy crawl space environment affecting the rest of the home. The existing crawl space insulation and sump pump were both failing, support beams were rotting, and floors were very cold during the winter.

Concerned with further damage and additional issues, the owners contacted Ohio Basement Authority. One of our expert crews completely transformed the crawl space into a more functional, healthy and stable area.

The entire crawl space was encapsulated in CleanSpace liner, and SilverGlo panels were installed on the walls. SmartPipe and a SmartSump were installed as waterproofing measures, and a SaniDry CX dehumidifier will filter and dry the air. New downspout lines were installed outside the home, and an IceGuard was attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line. Vent covers were also added to the home's exterior.

SmartJacks were installed to stabilize the above floors, and support beams were added to existing beams.

The homeowners have peace of mind knowing their crawl space and the rest of their home will now be a healthy place to live for many years to come!

Turtl Improves Appearance, Function of an Exterior Crawl Space Access in Jeffersonville, OH

Homeowners in Jeffersonville, OH, rarely ventured into the crawl space under their house, even though they have lived there for several years. But they wanted to change that.

As they began to compile a list of home improvement projects they wanted to tackle, addressing the crawl space access was one of them. As they began to research this repair, they came across information about Ohio Basement Authority online. They met with one of our inspectors, and the inspector provided them with a reliable solution.

One of our crews then installed a Turtl to replace the rotting, failing and unsafe exterior crawl space access point. This durable access well is made of rigid plastic that withstands wear and tear. It is secure and lockable, and it is available in a variety of colors.

The homeowners are pleased to now have a larger and more secure access point to their crawl space.

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