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Testimonials for Ohio Basement Authority

Beverly W. had struggled with basement water problems since she first moved into her home in 2000. Her basement would leak badly every time it rained, to a point where she wouldn't sleep well at night or go away on vacation for fear or waking up or coming home to a basement mess. When she was ready to fix the problem, she called a few different companies for repair estimates. She chose Ohio Basement Authority to handle the job, and she has been very pleased with her decision. The work was completed in only two days. She is happy with the results and the service, and even happier with the fact that the company will be there to make sure her system works efficiently for many years. "I like the fact that they will be contacting me to set up the yearly inspection," she said. "And I am sure if I have any questions, I can contact them at any time and they will help me over the phone."
Beverly W. of Zanesville, OH
When Mark H. was trying to sell his house in Johnstown, OH, he knew that the crawl space with its structural problems would render the property quite difficult, if not impossible to sell. During the process of putting the house on the market, a home inspector came to take a look at the problem. He recommended that Mark should have it fixed as soon as possible, and referred him to Ohio Basement Authority. Mark was very impressed with the options offered by the company to safely and effectively restore the structural integrity of the foundation with specialized crawl space jacks called SmartJacks. To expedite the process so that Mark could sell his property quickly, Ohio Basement Authority was willing to perform all the work in the middle of the winter and under cold temperatures. Mark was very grateful for that. The home sold shortly after the repairs were finished. The new owner, Will C., is also very happy because he bought a home with brand new foundation work that is backed by a Transferable Lifetime Warranty. He will have the peace of mind of knowing the crawl space is structurally safe for as long as the house stands!
Mark & Will of Johnstown, OH
David S. from Canal Winchester, OH, has a 20-year-old home and the foundation wall had a small crack that kept getting bigger over time. To prevent that small crack from becoming a major structural issue, David started to look for a company that could help fix the problem, and found Ohio Basement Authority.  In this video, he speaks about the quality of service and customer care he received. "The company is living up to their mission statement as far as the WOW experience," David said.
David S. of Canal Winchester, OH
When the city of Groveport, OH, gave Jane M. two weeks to fix a leaky underground pipe in her yard, she chose Ohio Basement Authority for the job. She was impressed with our inspector's thorough analysis and explanation of what the problem was and how it could be fixed. In this video, she talks about the quality of service and customer care she received. "They were polite, courteous and they were skillful," she said. "I felt their work was worth the price. They were very professional and I was very satisfied."
Jane M. of Groveport, OH
Helen W. from Columbus, OH, called Ohio Basement Authority because there were puddles of water in one corner of the basement. In this video she speaks about her experience with the company. "They came, they did the job, it was good too. The best!"
Helen W. of Columbus, OH
Brittany M. administers a very old, historic building in Columbus, OH. When she began to receive complaints from the staff regarding sinuses, breathing problems and other allergy symptoms, she immediately suspected that the damp, old basement was to blame -- so she called Ohio Basement Authority for help. In this video she talks about the experience she had with the company, from the initial inspection to the completion of the project. "I think that what surprised me was how quickly it got done! I thought it would be a major overhaul," Brittany said. "It was done in like 3/4 of my workday!"
Brittany M. of Columbus, OH
Ohio State's Alpha Chi Omega Sorority Building had a damp basement with moisture and water issues. After an unsuccessful attempt to fix the problem with a waterproofing sealant, they decided to call Ohio Basement Authority for help. Upon his evaluation, our inspector determined that solutions needed to be implemented both externally and internally. One of our crews started with replacing all the outdated exterior clay tiles with PVC pipes, which are known to last longer. They then proceeded to install the WaterGuard interior perimeter drainage system, and a powerful sump pump system which includes a backup sump pump, to keep the basement dry even when the power goes off. Janet C., the Sorority's House Mother, is very happy with the results and confident that the basement will remain dry for the long run. "I think we'll be ready for the next 50 or more years," she said.
Janet C. of Columbus, OH
The basement in Ellin G.'s Columbus, OH, home had a couple of serious issues that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. There was water coming into the basement, and there were visible cracks in the foundation walls, which she noticed a couple of years before. That reached a critical stage in the winter of 2014/15, with a lot of cold air coming into the house through these cracks.She didn't know who to call, but she asked a friend who is an electrician and he highly recommended Ohio Basement Authority. Even before the first appointment with the inspector, she received a book in the mail that explained all the causes and all the possible solutions for the problems she was experiencing. The foundation settlement problem that was causing the cracks was solved by installing helical piers. Helical piers were driven into the ground like a screw, until they have reached bed rock. Then braces were attached to them to lift the foundation back to its original position.The basement leak problem was solved by installing an interior drainage system and a powerful sump pump system. Ellin is really impressed and happy with the entire experience. "They started on time, they finished the project when they said they would finish it, and I thought that was really important," she said. "Mostly, everybody was really knowledgeable about what was going on with this project."
Ellin G. of Columbus, OH
One stormy Wednesday around 8:30 p.m., Kamal K. found himself living one of worst nightmares any homeowner can have: he was in the basement of his Columbus, OH home with water up to his knees and rising. Desperate, he remembered having a business card in his pocket. It was Doug Secrest’s card. Doug is the owner of Ohio Basement Authority. Kamal had an appointment scheduled in two weeks with the company for an estimate, but given the circumstances, he didn’t think he could wait that long. So he took a chance and called Doug, and explained the situation. Forty-five minutes later, Joe Stuber, a team supervisor for Ohio Basement Authority, was knocking on Kamal’s door. Under pouring rain, Joe Stuber inspected the exterior of the house, located the source of the problem, dug to expose a broken piece of pipe, and temporarily fixed the problem using spare materials he had in his truck. That helped stop the major leak, but Joe warned Kamal that it would be only a temporary fix – and explained what needed to be done in order to solve the problem for good. A few weeks later, Ohio Basement Authority came back to install a full exterior perimeter drainage system – a job once again performed under torrential downpours. The basement in Kamal’s home has been dry ever since, and he is so happy with the results and so impressed with the company, he’s been recommending Ohio Basement Authority to everyone he knows might need a waterproofed basement.
Kamal K. of Columbus, OH
The basement walls in David's Columbus, OH, home were beginning to bow and crack due to foundation settlement. He received estimates from two other companies, but one was only a cheap, temporary fix, and the other was an expensive option. With the goal of a cost-effective permanent solution in mind, he contacted Ohio Basement Authority for help. In this video, David recalls his experience with the company. "I was blown away, from beginning to end," he said. "I can't think of anything to say that you guys can do better, because you did everything right!" David is very impressed with the kind of service he received from everyone in the company, and the fact that they kept all their promises -- including the promise of finishing the project in only two days. The walls were stabilized using several steel I-Beams. After the crew was done, they left the place clean and entirely free of debris.  David is so satisfied with the service and the results, he's been recommending Ohio Basement Authority to friends, neighbors and family -- including his sister-- ever since!
David N. of Columbus, OH
Ken L.'s home in Columbus, OH, had a typical dirt-floored crawl space. As it often happens with that kind of foundation, it was humid, moldy, musty smelling, improperly insulated and virtually unusable. Bothered by the pungent musty smells that arose after a couple of particularly heavy rains, he decided to call Ohio Basement Authority for help. In this video, Ken talks about his experience with the company. "I would absolutely recommend Ohio Basement Authority, because the company has done such a great job," Ken said. "And I'd be happy to show people, like neighbors who have questions. I couldn't be happier with the outcome."
Ken L. of Columbus, OH
When Greg Y. from Columbus, OH, learned that his house was testing for radon levels way above the 4 pCi/L level considered acceptable for indoor areas, he knew he had to do something to protect his family against the harmful effects of continuous exposure to high levels on radon indoors. Radon is the No. 1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers in the United States, and according to the Environmental Protection Agency it is linked to approximately 20,000 deaths every year. Greg chose Ohio Basement Authority to handle the radon mitigation project because he felt confident about the company and the system. In this video he talks about the experience. "From the very start to finish, the whole process has been very easy, and I think Ohio Basement Authority did an exceptional job!"
Greg Y. of Columbus, OH
After his basement flooded for the third time - even after a recent sump pump replacement - Luke K. from Powell, OH, decided that he needed find a company that had the expertise and technology to solve the problem once and for all. He also wanted to add an egress window to the basement so that he could finish it and use part of the space as a bedroom. In this video, Luke talks about why he chose Ohio Basement Authority and about the service we provided. "You folks made the process as painless as possible," he said.
Luke K. of Powell, OH
Joshua G. from Powell, OH, had plans to finish his basement. However, the foundation was shifting and had water seepage problem. The sidewalk outside the home also was sinking and had become a tripping hazard and possibly a liability for Joshua. That is why he called Ohio Basement Authority. In this video, he talks about the experience working with the company from the visit with an inspector to the installation process where the crew was willing to work under torrential rain. "They were undeterred. They worked in horrible conditions to get done in pretty rapid time," Joshua said. "I will recommend them to anybody. I think it is great. Great service. It was amazing for me."
Joshua G. of Powell, OH
The four cinder block basement walls in James F.'s Delaware, OH home were bowing so significantly that when he removed the drywall to inspect their condition, he could actually pull entire bricks off the wall. He was very concerned about his home's structural integrity. He knew he had to get help immediately. James started to search for a trustworthy company in his area to handle the job, and when he checked with the Better Business Bureau, Ohio Basement Authority came in first place among reputable foundation contractors. To restore James' basement, the crumbling walls had to be replaced. After securing the structure, the old walls were removed and new, rebar-reinforced walls were built.Carbon strips were applied to the walls to further reinforce the structure. The next step was to effectively address the cause of the problem -- water building up around the foundation and causing the soil to expand and push against the walls -- an interior drainage system with a powerful TripleSafe sump pump system was installed, to collect and divert ground water as far away from the house as possible. James now has a dry basement with reinforced walls that will remain stable for years to come. James is very happy with the service and with the entire experience he had as a customer. So happy he is willing to recommend Ohine Basement Authority to anyone in the area with a basement or foundation problem.
James F. of Delaware, OH
We chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the professionalism and price. The inspector we met with was excellent. He was very informative, courteous and professional. Great service. We would recommend to anyone.
Megan and Conrad B. of Marietta, OH
The office staff was courteous and helpful, and the company representative was outstanding! He took the time to describe the problem and answer all of my questions. He treated me with respect, which I greatly appreciate. I chose to work with the company because of its rating on the Internet with the BBB. I also talked to two previous companies, and they were not willing to do the work I wanted done. The crew arrived early! I really liked the idea that the representative and the crew called while they were on the road and told me when they would arrive. They were almost to the minute! The crew was also very courteous. The chief foreman also explained things to me. A couple of changes had to be made, and he made sure I understood why they needed to be made. The clean-up was better than I ever expected. I have felt very confident that I chose the best company, from the first person I talked to on the phone to the men who completed the work.
Beth S. of Caldwell, OH
We chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because we contacted you online and you responded in less than a half-hour. After getting the estimate, there was no reason to look elsewhere. The office staff was very helpful and polite. Our on-site contact, Danny was very detailed, thorough, helpful, and he explained everything. The installation crew was full of very courteous, hard workers. They showed up on time both days, got to work immediately, finished the job on time, and their clean-up was great. The concrete was exceptionally hard to break, but they kept at it. The crew leader, kept me up to speed on everything. The crew members are exceptional. Your company has good, hard, conscientious workers like them, and I hope their pay is commiserate to the fine work they do and how they represent you. I’m very happy with my experience, from the first contact to the last.
Jim H. of Cambridge, OH
Danny Pease was on time and professional. He gave me a written estimate and answered my many follow-up questions promptly and respectfully. Joe called while en route, and arrived promptly. Joe and his guys were very friendly and easy to work with. Joe and I had several discussions throughout the two-day process. He was very good about making sure I understood what he intended to do, and that his intentions would meet my expectations. The work site was kept orderly and clean throughout the project. There were significant steps taken to minimize the mess as work progressed. Clean-up was very satisfactory as a result. Entering into a project like this with a contractor that I had little knowledge of beforehand was a little scary. At the end of the day, Ohio Basement Authority exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone.
Timothy M. of Cambridge, OH
I chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the quick response and the clean website that was easy to use. The inspector was knowledgeable, precise and courteous, and all three members of the crew were professional. They were on time and made sure we were aware of every step of the process, plus more. There was not a single item for us to clean after the job was completed. The crew cares very much about their work.
Valery and John B. of Reedsville, OH
The representative was very good and very knowledgeable. I chose Ohio Basement Authority because of the price and professionalism. The crew was very informative. From the initial contact to completion of the job, all of your employees were very good.
Bill S. of Norwich, OH
I chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the positive customer reviews and the company's reputation. Matt was very professional and personable. The foreman and his helper were great. They answered all my questions and did great work.
Gary J. of Duncan Falls, OH
The company representative I met with was very helpful and professional, and he answered all my questions. I chose to work with the company because of the thoroughness of the inspection of the issue, the inspector’s explanation of the cause and cure, and why his fix would be better than any other type. The foundation had a broken corner, due to settling. The work was to raise the foundation of the entire side of the house. The crew was very professional and easy to work with. They stayed to do the job right, even though it took a day longer than expected. I really liked the thoroughness and the extra time they took to do the job right.
John K. of Athens, OH
Prior to doing research about basement repair companies, I never paid attention to those types of businesses. We interacted with two companies, one of which was Ohio Basement Authority. There is a consistency in every interaction with members of your team from the inspector to the service support via telephone, to the installation crew on site. We chose Ohio Basement Authority because your inspector spoke to us in a cordial manner that established trust and displayed a level of expertise, and because he followed up with us. He was very detailed in his explanation of possible service options. It was a long drive from Gahanna to Athens each day, but Drew was always clear and accurate with the start time for each of the three days. Each member of the crew was an extension of your staff of inspectors, providing helpful insight about the process along the way. Drew was an excellent leader of his crew and ambassador for your company. I will certainly keep Ohio Basement Authority in mind if I come across friends or neighbors that need basement repair work.
Ryan O. of Athens, OH
The inspector’s presentation was just right. He answered my questions and didn’t oversell or get pushy. I then chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the company’s professionalism and the belief that I was working with a larger organization that had a great reputation. Other than the work performed, there was no clue your crew had been there. They worked quickly, professionally, and left no mess. Their use of the plastic wall to control dust was especially appreciated. Martin with the crew also was very nice. I would call your company first if I ever needed additional services.
Tim R. of Athens, OH
My wife just happened to take notice of a commercial on TV you had one day. You were the first company we came upon. We checked the Internet with your reputation and checked with the BBB, and we were pleased you had flying colors. We had a very friendly crew. Drew, the foreman, with Ben and Ryan were awesome. I was on vacation when they were there at the house and chatted with them some while they were working. I was concerned some, as they were working in direct sun for most of the day (in the high 80s low 90s). But they kept working no matter what. My foundation was as thick as 27 inches in some places. They had to dig deep in some places by hand. They also did a good job cleaning up. They had to dig through a layer of stones that were at one time used for landscaping, and the dirt had some stones in it as well. I was surprised to see where thy raked all the stones back into the backfill area that I will be able to mow without throwing rocks. My wife and I felt comfortable enough with them to offer them the use of our basement restroom since they had to keep hydrated, and figured they would need to use a restroom. We also said they could have their lunch in the finished part of the basement were it had air conditioning, but Drew said they normally don't eat a lunch. Holy cow!
Allan B. of Zanesville, OH
I just Googled "basement foundation repair" and your company came up, but I chose to work with you because of a recommendation from a friend and my online research. The representative and his presentation were both good, and I received the most info from the crew members. They helped with the change order process the most.
Richard H. of Zanesville, OH
We chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the company’s reviews and how comfortable we felt with the communication from everyone we talked to. Our inspector, John Dean, was great when he came and presented us with the explanation of why our basement was leaking. He answered any questions we had and was very professional.
Erica H. of Zanesville, OH
I chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the very good reviews and competitive pricing. Brendan was understanding of my issues and concerns with my foundation, and to my objectives and budget constraints. He worked to create a workable solution to meet those objectives. The installation crew arrived on time and worked hard while they were here. There was not a slacker in the bunch. They worked through several difficult challenges dealing with slopes and landscaping. They did the best they could to destroy as little as possible. Also, because of weather, clean-up was difficult. I appreciate greatly that they did what they could to save and clean up what they could. They also were diligent in making sure that I was satisfied with all work performed, both during and after. If I run into someone needing your services, I will communicate my positive experience to them.
Patrick O. of Glouster, OH
I chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because I liked the results and what would be done to fix our problem. The inspector I met with explained the process and warranty to my satisfaction. The installation crew was very punctual, friendly, and thorough. Thanks, Mike!
Don M. of New Lexington, OH
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