Testimonials for Ohio Basement Authority

Beverly W. had struggled with basement water problems since she first moved into her home in 2000. Her basement would leak badly every time it rained, to a point where she wouldn't sleep well at night or go away on vacation for fear or waking up or coming home to a basement mess. When she was ready to fix the problem, she called a few different companies for repair estimates. She chose Ohio Basement Authority to handle the job, and she has been very pleased with her decision. The work was completed in only two days. She is happy with the results and the service, and even happier with the fact that the company will be there to make sure her system works efficiently for many years. "I like the fact that they will be contacting me to set up the yearly inspection," she said. "And I am sure if I have any questions, I can contact them at any time and they will help me over the phone."
Beverly W. of Zanesville, OH
Thursday, December 3rd
When the city of Groveport, OH, gave Jane M. two weeks to fix a leaky underground pipe in her yard, she chose Ohio Basement Authority for the job. She was impressed with our inspector's thorough analysis and explanation of what the problem was and how it could be fixed. In this video, she talks about the quality of service and customer care she received. "They were polite, courteous and they were skillful," she said. "I felt their work was worth the price. They were very professional and I was very satisfied."
Jane M. of Groveport, OH
Friday, August 25th
Helen W. from Columbus, OH, called Ohio Basement Authority because there were puddles of water in one corner of the basement. In this video she speaks about her experience with the company. "They came, they did the job, it was good too. The best!"
Helen W. of Columbus, OH
Tuesday, February 21st
Brittany M. administers a very old, historic building in Columbus, OH. When she began to receive complaints from the staff regarding sinuses, breathing problems and other allergy symptoms, she immediately suspected that the damp, old basement was to blame -- so she called Ohio Basement Authority for help. In this video she talks about the experience she had with the company, from the initial inspection to the completion of the project. "I think that what surprised me was how quickly it got done! I thought it would be a major overhaul," Brittany said. "It was done in like 3/4 of my workday!"
Brittany M. of Columbus, OH
Wednesday, December 28th
Ohio State's Alpha Chi Omega Sorority Building had a damp basement with moisture and water issues. After an unsuccessful attempt to fix the problem with a waterproofing sealant, they decided to call Ohio Basement Authority for help. Upon his evaluation, our inspector determined that solutions needed to be implemented both externally and internally. One of our crews started with replacing all the outdated exterior clay tiles with PVC pipes, which are known to last longer. They then proceeded to install the WaterGuard interior perimeter drainage system, and a powerful sump pump system which includes a backup sump pump, to keep the basement dry even when the power goes off. Janet C., the Sorority's House Mother, is very happy with the results and confident that the basement will remain dry for the long run. "I think we'll be ready for the next 50 or more years," she said.
Janet C. of Columbus, OH
Wednesday, June 29th
WATCH: Ben was so pleased with the work Ohio Basement Authority did for him, and he can now use his basement for hobbies he enjoys!
Ben W. of Columbus, OH
Wednesday, July 25th
One stormy Wednesday around 8:30 p.m., Kamal K. found himself living one of worst nightmares any homeowner can have: he was in the basement of his Columbus, OH home with water up to his knees and rising. Desperate, he remembered having a business card in his pocket. It was Doug Secrest’s card. Doug is the owner of Ohio Basement Authority. Kamal had an appointment scheduled in two weeks with the company for an estimate, but given the circumstances, he didn’t think he could wait that long. So he took a chance and called Doug, and explained the situation. Forty-five minutes later, Joe Stuber, a team supervisor for Ohio Basement Authority, was knocking on Kamal’s door. Under pouring rain, Joe Stuber inspected the exterior of the house, located the source of the problem, dug to expose a broken piece of pipe, and temporarily fixed the problem using spare materials he had in his truck. That helped stop the major leak, but Joe warned Kamal that it would be only a temporary fix – and explained what needed to be done in order to solve the problem for good. A few weeks later, Ohio Basement Authority came back to install a full exterior perimeter drainage system – a job once again performed under torrential downpours. The basement in Kamal’s home has been dry ever since, and he is so happy with the results and so impressed with the company, he’s been recommending Ohio Basement Authority to everyone he knows might need a waterproofed basement.
Kamal K. of Columbus, OH
Tuesday, January 20th
MUST WATCH: Leah and her husband Anthony had their basement flood multiple times, and they needed a permanent solution to waterproof this area of their home. One of our inspectors, Andrew Rothenberg, helped them identify how and where the water was coming in, and provided them with a reliable solution. Martimiano Alonso and his crew then installed our WaterGuard and TripleSafe products to ensure Leah and Anthony's basement would be dry and safe for their family.
Leah M. of Worthington, OH
Monday, February 4th
After his basement flooded for the third time - even after a recent sump pump replacement - Luke K. from Powell, OH, decided that he needed find a company that had the expertise and technology to solve the problem once and for all. He also wanted to add an egress window to the basement so that he could finish it and use part of the space as a bedroom. In this video, Luke talks about why he chose Ohio Basement Authority and about the service we provided. "You folks made the process as painless as possible," he said.
Luke K. of Powell, OH
Tuesday, June 13th
Joshua G. from Powell, OH, had plans to finish his basement. However, the foundation was shifting and had water seepage problem. The sidewalk outside the home also was sinking and had become a tripping hazard and possibly a liability for Joshua. That is why he called Ohio Basement Authority. In this video, he talks about the experience working with the company from the visit with an inspector to the installation process where the crew was willing to work under torrential rain. "They were undeterred. They worked in horrible conditions to get done in pretty rapid time," Joshua said. "I will recommend them to anybody. I think it is great. Great service. It was amazing for me."
Joshua G. of Powell, OH
Friday, August 25th
Karen's basement in Dublin, OH, used to flood constantly, not only due to rain and snow melt, but even when she watered her yard! After a few years struggling with the problem, she decided to fix it and began her online search for solutions. Karen is the kind of homeowner that really does her homework before making a major purchase decision. For that reason, when she contacted Ohio Basement Authority and received a free copy of "Dry Basement Science," she was really impressed. The book provided a lot of information about the products and technologies offered by the company, and a comparison between their patented system and other available systems in the market. She ultimately chose to trust Ohio Basement Authority for the job. In this video she talks about the experience she had with the company. "It was a great experience," she said. "They kept the house clean during the work, they were prompt, and got everything done in the time allotted. It was a wonderful experience!"
Karen A. of Dublin, OH
Wednesday, November 9th
The sump pump in Forrest B.'s West Jefferson, OH, home was just not handling its job very well. It seemed to go out every time there was a heavy rain storm. He often found himself rushing to the hardware store to purchase another pump to protect his basement. He started to do some research, looking for solutions for this ongoing sump pump problem. He found Ohio Basement Authority, the only authorized Basement Systems dealer in the area, installing the exclusive TripleSafe Sump Pump System. Looking at the system, Forrest knew that if he was to have a dry basement and never worry about sump pump problems again, he needed the TripleSafe. This system has two backup pumps, including a battery operated unit that will keep the basement dry in case of a power outage. Forrest was very pleased with the entire experience as an Ohio Basement Authority customer. "The office staff was very helpful and courteous," he said. "I didn't have a lot of contact with them, but when I did they were very polite. From the inspector -- who thoroughly evaluated the property, explained the problem and provided Forrest with a choice of solutions -- to the installers who worked quickly, showed up on time and cleaned up after themselves so well, no one could tell that they have been there working. "Jim's presentation and attitude is what helped me make the decision to have Ohio Basement Authority complete the job," Forrest said. "He didn't try to pressure me into going with his company. I would definitely recommend Ohio Basement Authority to anyone considering having changes made to their sump basin or if they need outside drainage installed."
Forrest B. of West Jefferson, OH
Tuesday, July 21st
WATCH: John & Lynn H. of Marysville inherited a house built in the 1940s by Lynn's grandparents after they moved from Germany. The couple plans to hand the house down to their son, so they wanted to make sure it would be a safe living environment. Here, they talk about their remarkable basement waterproofing experience with Ohio Basement Authority that will ensure the home's health and longevity.
John and Lynn H. of Marysville, OH
Tuesday, October 16th
Austin B. called Ohio Basement Authority for help because the basement in his Springfield, OH, home had an ongoing flooding problem. After every heavy rain, he would find the basement under one to two inches of water. That eventually led to a serious, widespread mold problem. After having a good drainage system, a state-of-the-art sump pump, and a brand new basement window installed, all the leaks and humidity are gone. Austin is very happy with the way Ohio Basement Authority took care of the problem. "When they are working for you, they feel like family," he said. "Very hardworking, put all the proper parts in, and since then the house has been water-free and mold-free."
Austin B. of Springfield, OH
Thursday, December 3rd
Rex S.'s basement in Clintonville, OH, was leaking. There was no flooding but the seepage was significant enough to prompt him to call Ohio Basement Authority. In this video, Rex talks about his experience with the company, as well as how happy he is with his new sump pump and the now dry basement even after heavy rains. "I know now that the water is not going to end up in my basement," Rex said.
Rex S. of Clintonville, OH
Tuesday, June 13th
I chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the price and the sales presentation. Andy was very good. For the most part, the crew’s cleanup was good, and the experience with OBA was very good.
Jerry M. of Marietta, OH
Monday, October 22nd
We chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because we contacted you online and you responded in less than a half-hour. After getting the estimate, there was no reason to look elsewhere. The office staff was very helpful and polite. Our on-site contact, Danny was very detailed, thorough, helpful, and he explained everything. The installation crew was full of very courteous, hard workers. They showed up on time both days, got to work immediately, finished the job on time, and their clean-up was great. The concrete was exceptionally hard to break, but they kept at it. The crew leader, kept me up to speed on everything. The crew members are exceptional. Your company has good, hard, conscientious workers like them, and I hope their pay is commiserate to the fine work they do and how they represent you. I’m very happy with my experience, from the first contact to the last.
Jim H. of Cambridge, OH
Friday, December 4th
We chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the company’s reviews and how comfortable we felt with the communication from everyone we talked to. Our inspector, John Dean, was great when he came and presented us with the explanation of why our basement was leaking. He answered any questions we had and was very professional.
Erica H. of Zanesville, OH
Wednesday, August 16th
I chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the cost of repair and the company’s professionalism. Steve was very helpful and professional. It was an awesome experience from the first phone call to the finished product.
Jennifer R. of New Lexington, OH
Thursday, August 24th
I found Ohio Basement Authority on Angie’s List, and I chose to work with the company because of the reviews on that site and the BBB. Corey did a great job and was very informative. The crew also did an awesome job! They left my basement cleaner than it was when they started!
Joanna L. of New Lexington, OH
Tuesday, July 3rd
A friend in West Virginia had a system installed by Basement Systems of West Virginia, which used the WaterGuard drain system, and he highly recommended it. Andrew was very informative and professional, gave a wonderful, quality presentation, and answered all of our questions. When we wanted to make changes, he had the revision to us within minutes of talking. Colin and his crew were exceptional during installation. He called several times to let me know when they would arrive each day. The crew was very polite and professional, and they kept us informed of every step of the installation. We could not be happier with the work performed. It was a pleasure having them in our home, and we highly recommend them.
Ron J. of Gallipolis, OH
Monday, October 22nd
The inspector we met with was knowledgeable and provided great customer service. Also an awesome and quick installation.
Arthur and Ashley N. of Glenford, OH
Thursday, March 22nd
I heard about Ohio Basement Authority through Angie's List, and I chose to work with your company because of the great reviews I saw online. I also liked the breakdown of the pricing on the products you install so you can see exactly what you are paying for instead of a lump sum cost. The foreman and the crew were very courteous. He and his crew explained the installation process and went over the job to make sure everything that they had on their paperwork was correct at the beginning before starting the work. They were always making sure there wasn't any dust getting into my living area. They also answered any questions I may have had about any of their products or the installation process. They went above and beyond everyday cleaning up any work debris. If I have any more work that I need done in the future, Ohio Basement Authority will be the first one on my list. Also, it is very nice to see such a hard working group of people who seem to enjoy the work that they do, and take pride in the work they do.
Tyler K. of Logan, OH
Tuesday, September 15th
Your company was out in this area before, and I chose to work with you because of the value for the money for the work done. I thought the company representative’s presentation was very good, and the installation crew was courteous. Good work and professionalism from this company.
Daniel F. of Proctorville, OH
Monday, April 4th
You have done previous work for us. We had our crawl space encapsulated initially, and the work crew was awesome. Each time we had something else installed, all the staff has been great. And our inspector is an awesome guy. We highly recommend your company and we are very pleased with the products. All the guys that have been part of the work we have had done are amazing.
Donna M. of Patriot, OH
Sunday, October 21st
A friend who is a satisfied Ohio Basement Authority customer recommended you. I’ve also seen your TV ads. The inspector did a great job of explaining everything. He was courteous and represented your company well. The crews were wonderful. I could not believe how much work three people could accomplish in one day!
Margaret M. of Thornville, OH
Thursday, December 10th
I hadn't heard of Ohio Basement Authority until I searched Google for repair options. The inspector I met with did a great job selling your product, answering questions, and assuring me that the job would be done right the first time. He was the key for us to decide to go with your company. We also liked the price, and you quoted nearly half the price of your competitors. The office staff was also courteous and helpful. When I called about credit, the gentleman was very helpful and made sure I was first priority. He walked me through the online process and was able to complete my payment. The installation crew was great! They arrived on time, were very personable, and had a great attitude. They also did a great job cleaning up, and the area looked better than when they started!
Chad C. of Heath, OH
Wednesday, May 20th
I’ve seen Ohio Basement Authority’s commercials and heard about the company through word of mouth, and I chose to work with you because of your courtesy and cost. Travis was professional and knowledgeable. He answered my questions in a respectful manner. All members of the crew were professional. They fully explained what they were doing and how the drainage system they installed would work. Excellent job! There’s no evidence that they had even been here, except for the wet cement. From start to finish, your representative and crew made this a positive experience! Even better, this has been an extremely wet few days and I can see/hear the sump pump and drainage system doing their job to keep my basement dry. THANK YOU!!!
Alan P. of Heath, OH
Thursday, July 13th
I’m a retired Whitehall police chief, having served 37 years primarily in supervision and management, and 16 years as chief. I learned fairly quickly just how important public relations is. I also learned that people are far more likely to complain about an employee than take the time or put forward the effort to compliment them. I’ve made it a habit to take the time to compliment exemplary conduct, as well as inferior. I’ve always adhered to the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I can assure you that the inspector I met with embodies the essential characteristics of a model employee/representative. He was punctual and polite, respectful and courteous. He was and is very knowledgeable and informative. He was not pushy. I can’t think of one negative. I have a high opinion of your company because of my contact with your inspector. I have no doubt he will excel in any assignment he is given. He has much potential. My compliments for recruiting someone with the potential and demonstrated ability. Sincerely, James S.
James S. of Bremen, OH
Tuesday, May 3rd
I’ve seen Ohio Basement Authority’s TV ads, and I chose to work with the company because they had the best price and the best sales presentation. I waited to respond to any questionnaires to see if heavy rains would cause any basement water to appear. No water!
Richard T. of Bremen, OH
Sunday, June 25th
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