Common Foundation Problems in Columbus, Springfield, Mansfield

We provide expert foundation repair for all types of foundation problems

No homeowner wants to deal with a foundation problem, especially since many people associate foundation repair with expensive and invasive projects. However, correctly identifying a foundation problem before it becomes too severe is the key to limiting the scope of the damage.

At Ohio Basement Authority, our foundation repair experts are trained to carefully evaluate all aspects of your foundation to identify any problems and the correct source of the damage. Whether you have a problem with your foundation walls, slab floor, or any other issues, we have a custom solution designed to suit your needs.

If you've seen cracks in your floors or walls, have bowing foundation walls or a tilted chimney, or have observed any other signs of foundation damage, give us a call today at 1-844-266-8310 to learn more about how we can help you. We offer free estimates on all our foundation repair services in Columbus, Springfield, Mansfield and throughout the surrounding areas in Ohio.

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  • SmartJacks Stabilize Sagging Floors in Thornville, OH
    SmartJacks Stabilize Sagging Floors in Thornville, OH

    SmartJacks Stabilize Sagging Floors in Thornville, OH

    During the last several years, homeowners in Thornville, OH, have noticed a structural problem only getting worse with time. Some areas of the floor felt soft and uneven, indicating the floor joists in the crawl space were sagging and failing to properly support the above floors.

    The owners recently renovated the home’s interior, and they did not want to have to worry about additional problems caused by sagging floors. They were motivated to address these issues once and for all, so they started to research how to remedy these problems. They came across information online about Ohio Basement Authority, and they were motivated to contact us for further guidance.

    They met with Inspector John Becker Sr. who ventured into the tight crawl space to assess the condition of the floor joists. John found that one area of floor joists were being supported by small round concrete columns that had been shimmed with wooden pieces. This is not an ideal or proper support system, so John recommended one type of our many reliable foundation repair solutions.

    One of our crews, led by Foreman Milton Castro, installed several SmartJacks underneath the main support beam in the crawl space. Made of galvanized steel, the heavy-duty SmartJacks permanently stabilize the floor and floor joists. They prevent further sagging and offer the best opportunity to lift the floors back to level. SmartJacks also will not rust or corrode, and they are designed to stop settling. If any settlement occurs, however, the SmartJacks can easily be adjusted.

    The homeowners are pleased to now have a safe and stable living environment because of this trustworthy repair solution.

  • A Failing Retaining Wall in Fredericktown, OH, is Permanently Stabilized
    A Failing Retaining Wall in Fredericktown, OH, is Permanently Stabilized

    A Failing Retaining Wall in Fredericktown, OH, is Permanently Stabilized

    Maintaining a safe and stable home is important to longtime homeowners in Fredericktown, OH. That is why they were motivated to address a worsening structural issue before it resulted in serious damage.

    The homeowners noticed the exterior retaining wall adjacent to their garage was beginning to cracking and bow outward. Retaining walls can fail due to a variety of issues including poor construction and hydrostatic pressure exerted on the wall by the soil.

    The owners contacted Ohio Basement Authority after seeing one of our TV ads, and we installed some of our many reliable foundation repair products. These included a Helical Pier and two Geo-Lock Wall Anchors. Both of these durable products permanently stabilize, straighten, and reinforce the retaining wall.

    The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing these reliable solutions have helped them create a safer living environment.

  • Reinforcing a Failing Retaining Wall in Westerville, OH
    Reinforcing a Failing Retaining Wall in Westerville, OH

    Reinforcing a Failing Retaining Wall in Westerville, OH

    During the last several years, homeowners in Westerville, OH, have been monitoring a potential structural issue outside their home. They noticed a retaining wall outside their basement walk-out was beginning to fail. It was cracking and slightly tilting inward.

    The homeowners were not only concerned about their safety, but how these issues could affect the future resale of their house. They were motivated to contact Ohio Basement Authority after seeing our TV ads. After meeting with one of our inspectors, the homeowners were equally excited for one of our crews to fix these problems for good.

    First, the crew excavated the earth outside the retaining wall down to the wall’s footer. The wall was then pushed back to as plumb as possible. Then, two Geo-Lock Wall Anchors were installed to further straighten and stabilize the retaining wall. Wall Anchor Covers were placed over the visible anchor plates to conceal them, and all cracks were repaired and filled.

    The homeowners are pleased this reliable repair solution has helped enhance the safety and appearance of their home.

foundation wall cracks

Foundation Wall Problems

Common signs of a foundation wall problem include stair step cracking, inward tilting, and bowing or buckling.

foundation floor problems

Floor Problems

Floor cracks, separation between walls and floors, and sagging or bouncy walls and floors all indicate a foundation problem.

foundation soil problems

Soil Problems

The soils surrounding your home have a huge impact on the long term stability and condition of your foundation.

Our expert foundation repair starts with a thorough inspection

At Ohio Basement Authority, we have effective, warrantied solutions for foundation problems of all types, and we have the training, techniques, and top-quality products you need to permanently solve your problem. Our foundation repair professionals will identify the right solution for your needs and provide you with a quality installation that completely solves the problem.

If you're having a foundation repair problem in your home, call us today at 1-844-266-8310 or contact us online to get the help you need. As your local foundation repair experts, we offer free estimates on all our work in Columbus, Springfield, Mansfield, Westerville, Newark, Lancaster, Zanesville, Chillicothe, Marion, Dublin and throughout the surrounding areas.

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