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Crew member working in crawl space

Crawl Space Repair

OBA Truck in Neighborhood

6 Essential Things to Know About Mold Learn More

As a homeowner, you’ll likely have to deal with mold at one point or another. Here, we’ll walk you through what you’ll need to know and how you can best protect your home from resurgences after your initial removal. Share this Image on Your Site!Simply copy and paste the code below and you can share […]

encapsulate your crawl space

What Does it Take to Prevent Crawl Space Moisture? Find Out! Learn More

A dirty crawl space is an ugly sight. It’s dark, wet and a hotbed of contaminants and vermin. These conditions make it difficult for the water heater, HVAC, and other systems housed in the crawl space to work efficiently. Moisture also fosters wood rot, which causes odors and weakens the structural integrity of your house. […]

vapor barrier and thermal insulation

Waterproofing Your Home: Vapor Barriers, Thermal Insulation, or Both? Learn More

Professional basement, foundation, and crawl space repair contractors can choose from a broad catalog of waterproofing measures when working to protect your home. Which are the best to use? Thermal insulation and vapor barriers, for example, both serve similar purposes. Is one really better at protecting your home than the other, or can you use […]

Mold on crawlspace beams.

Is Mold In a Crawl Space a Health Problem? Learn More

Is mold dangerous? What health problems can it cause? What are the signs of mold allergy? How can I protect my loved ones? These questions are natural. After all, no one likes mold, especially if its growing right under your feet. On this page, you’ll find answers to these questions and learn how to fix […]

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