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Crack in Foundation Wall

Foundation walls are designed to support the weight of your home, but they are not immune to damage, such as cracking. 

Cracks in foundation walls can lead to serious structural concerns if neglected. Patching the voids is a temporary solution. You need a permanent solution to ensure your home’s stability. 

Ohio Basement Authority is Ohio and Northern Kentucky’s go-to expert in foundation repair, with nearly 15 years of proven experience and excellence. Homeowners know they can count on us to repair foundation wall cracks and protect their homes. 

After reading this page, you’ll understand the causes behind foundation wall cracks, how to effectively repair them, and how Ohio Basement Authority can help.

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What Are Cracks in Foundation Walls? 

Foundation wall cracks are fractures in the concrete walls supporting your home. 

These can range from minuscule hairline cracks to more significant, noticeable gaps. Cracks in foundation walls often serve as the first indicators of underlying structural problems. 

 Other signs of foundation damage that may accompany cracks in foundation walls include: 

Early intervention is crucial; repairing foundation wall cracks at their first sign prevents further structural damage, saving time and money in the long run. 

What Causes Cracks in Foundation Walls? 

The causes of foundation wall cracks are multifaceted, but the most common sources include: 

  • Settlement: Soil shifts or compaction underneath the foundation can lead to uneven settling, resulting in cracks. 
  • Expansive Soils: Soils rich in clay—prevalent throughout Ohio and Northern Kentucky— significantly expand and contract with moisture content, as seen here. This leads to the exertion of enormous pressure on foundation walls and induces cracks. 
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Groundwater pressure against foundation walls can force them inward, causing cracks and bowing. 
  • Poor Wall Construction: Improper cement mixing and preparation or low-quality materials are sometimes used during your foundation walls’ construction, making them vulnerable to damage like cracks. 

Can You Fix Cracks in Foundation Walls? 

Yes, repairing cracked foundation walls is doable, and the appropriate method depends on the cause and severity of the damage. 

However, this is not a DIY quick fix. Filling the cracks with caulk or applying other big-box store solutions masks their appearance. They will worsen and lead to further damage unless the root cause is addressed. 

It’s important to work with trusted local foundation repair professionals like Ohio Basement Authority to ensure the appropriate solution is installed. 

How to Repair Cracks in Foundation Walls 

Every home is different, and each deserves a tailored repair approach. Here’s what to expect when working with Ohio Basement Authority: 

1. Professional Evaluation 

Our experts thoroughly inspect your home, diagnose the underlying problem, and recommend a suitable repair approach. 

2. Install Foundation Repair System 

A customized repair method will be implemented depending on the diagnosed damage. 

If your home is settling, our various foundation piers are installed under the foundation and anchored securely, transferring the home’s weight to more stable soil. We offer helical, push, and slab piers depending on your foundation type and repair needs. 

Walls that have succumbed to hydrostatic pressure can benefit from our basement wall repair and reinforcement solutions. Carbon fiber straps reinforce the walls and prevent further movement. Wall anchors, channel anchors, and steel I-beams offer the same protection with the benefit of potentially restoring the walls to their original positions. 

3. Waterproof Walls 

Post-reinforcement, it’s crucial to waterproof the walls to prevent future moisture-related issues. Our comprehensive basement waterproofing solutions include interior drainage, sump pumps, wall vapor barriers, and dehumidifiers. 

4. Monitor and Maintain 

Routine inspections and upkeep will ensure that your foundation remains stable over time. We offer annual service and maintenance plans to guarantee your home’s continued protection. 

Why Repair Foundation Wall Cracks Now? 

Quick diagnoses and repair are essential for many reasons, such as: 

  • Cracks escalate if neglected, leading to costly repairs. 
  • Unattended cracks can lead to mold growth and compromised indoor air quality. 
  • Foundation settling causes doors and windows to jam. 
  • Severe cracks threaten your home’s structural stability. 

Contact Ohio Basement Authority today. We offer free, no-obligation inspections and estimates. 

Contact Ohio Basement Authority for Permanent Foundation Wall Crack Repair 

Cracks in foundation walls can become deadly if they are left to fester. Don’t risk your home’s structural integrity or your family’s safety. Repair them the right way the first time with help from Ohio Basement Authority.  

With decades of experience, we have been helping homeowners in Ohio and Northern Kentucky stabilize their homes effectively. Our certified technicians employ cutting-edge technology and tried-and-true methods to permanently repair cracked walls. Contact us today for a free inspection and repair estimate. 


Costs vary based on several factors, including the severity of damage, necessary repair products, and if other repairs like waterproofing are needed. Contact Ohio Basement Authority today for an accurate assessment. We provide free inspections, transparent pricing, and flexible financing options

Most repairs are completed within 1-2 days, with minimal disruption to your daily life. However, the duration varies depending on the wall damage and the repair method. Contact Ohio Basement Authority for a free inspection and timeline breakdown. 

Homeowners insurance typically does not cover foundation repair. A separate policy may help offset costs. Check with your insurance provider if you need clarification. 

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