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cracking, uneven concrete slabs

Causes of Concrete Damage

Uneven sidewalks, cracks in your driveway or stairs, and foundation slab cracks can all be cause for concern. Learn about the causes of concrete damage and how PolyRenewal™ foam injections can help.

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Although common, damage to concrete can end up in costly and invasive repairs. Whether there are cracks in your driveway, uneven porch steps, or basement floor cracks, you could be dealing with a multitude of problems all at once. Fortunately, at Ohio Basement Authority, we have a proven solution that can lift your concrete back into place and seal cracks for good. Read on to discover the causes of concrete damage and how PolyRenewal™ can help. 

What Causes Concrete Problems and Damage


Poorly Compacted Soil

One of the most common reasons for concrete damage has to do with the type of soil underneath it. In areas like Lima, the poorly drained silt loam soil can cause concrete to sink and settle, or even crack throughout. Damage can also be caused by the heavy snow the area receives and the freeze-thaw cycle. This causes the water particles in the soil to expand and crack the porous concrete above. If the soil is loose or not properly compacted, it can lead to the concrete sinking and becoming uneven in sections. This can create tripping hazards for anyone using it. 

soil washout and erosion

Soil Washout or Erosion 

Another major issue that causes concrete cracks or unevenness is soil washout. For many homeowners, keeping soil washout under control is no easy task and is hard to prevent. Soil erosion most commonly occurs from the rain and the wind as the soil “washes away” from underneath the concrete. This can cause soil gaps, unevenness, and large voids in your concrete. Things such as interior leaks, extra precipitation, and issues with water drainage can all result in soil washout. 

tree root removal

Invasive Tree Roots 

If you’re first landscaping your home or are curious about which trees cause the most damage to concrete, read our guide with tips about what to plant and what not to plant. It’s important to know that certain types of trees can cause incredible damage to the concrete structures around your home. As trees mature, so do their root systems in search of water, and their roots can break through concrete and cause cracks, sinking, or unevenness. 

How to Repair Your Damaged Concrete 

concrete lifting installation

Now that you’ve learned about some of the common causes of concrete damage, it’s time to act and have your concrete repaired for good. Traditionally used methods like mudjacking, slab jacking, and pressure grouting can be extremely invasive and expensive, and they do not address the root of the problem. Same with concrete repouring, which should only be used when the concrete has suffered significant damage. 

That’s why it is important to monitor your concrete structures so you can catch any problems early on and fix them before the concrete slabs are too far gone. We at Ohio Basement Authority offer an innovative, cost-effective, long-lasting solution. With our proven PolyRenewal™ foam injection solution, we can effectively lift and restore your concrete to its former glory. This quick curing and minimally invasive procedure is easy to install, and you can return to using your concrete the same day! 

Let The Experts at OBA Repair Your Sunken or Cracked Concrete 

If your home is experiencing problems with concrete damage, look no further than the experts at Ohio Basement Authority. Our expert team has extensive experience with a variety of concrete lifting applications. We proudly serve all homeowners in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Lima, and surrounding areas. 

Get your concrete repaired soon by calling the team at Ohio Basement Authority. We offer free inspections and written estimates. 

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