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Leaking Basement Windows

While basement windows bring in natural light and egress systems provide safe emergency exits, these features are not without problems. 

Leaking basement windows are common, but they can spell disaster and lead to various health and safety hazards that endanger your home and family. 

Ohio Basement Authority is your trusted partner in resolving this issue, with tailored, long-lasting solutions beyond temporary fixes. We specialize in comprehensive basement waterproofing systems that tackle the root of the problem, ensuring your peace of mind. 

Let this page be your guide to the causes, consequences, and repair of leaking basement windows so you can make the best decision for your home. 

What Are Leaking Basement Windows? 

Leaking basement windows refer to windows in the basement that fail to prevent water from infiltrating the indoor space. These are typically characterized by: 

  • Visible moisture 
  • Water stains 
  • Pooling water around the window frame 

Water follows the path of least resistance, making aging or damaged basement window systems susceptible to its force. Leaking windows are often accompanied by other problems, including: 

Leaking basement windows can wreak havoc on your basement and home in many other ways that impact structural integrity and safety. When you notice any of these issues, contact local basement waterproofing professionals like Ohio Basement Authority to get to the root of the problem immediately. 

What Causes Leaking Basement Windows? 

The primary causes of leaking basement windows include: 

  • Material Decay: Materials like wood, metal, and vinyl are prone to corrosion and rot. 
  • Poor Installation: Incorrectly installed windows can leave gaps that facilitate water entry. 
  • Age: Older windows are often less efficient and more susceptible to leaks. 
  • Drainage Problems: Basement window well drainage issues can cause water to accumulate and leak inside. 
  • External Pressure: Hydrostatic pressure exerted on basement walls by expansive clay-based soil can force water through even tiny openings. 
  • Climate Conditions: Heavy rainfall or snow can exacerbate the problem. Seasonal changes can take a toll on the structural integrity of basement windows. The freeze-thaw cycles can further damage aging window materials, making them more susceptible to leaks. 

These sources can be complex, so accurate diagnosis is crucial to repairing the problem. Contact Ohio Basement Authority for a free, thorough inspection. 

Can You Fix Leaking Basement Windows? 

Yes, leaking basement windows can be fixed. 

However, properly resolving this issue requires more than a quick patch job. Temporary solutions like re-caulking windows or waterproofing paint provide short-term relief at best. 

To fully address leaking basement windows, you need a whole-home solution. Ohio Basement Authority provides comprehensive basement waterproofing systems that treat the root causes of your leaks, ensuring they don’t happen again. 

How to Fix Leaking Basement Windows 

Here’s what to expect from Ohio Basement Authority’s leaking basement window repair approach: 

  • Thorough Inspection: Our experts thoroughly evaluate your home to identify the source of the leak and recommend repairs tailored to your needs. 
  • Interior Drainage: Our interior drainage system catches leaking water and redirects it to drain into a sump pump. Our installation method also helps relieve hydrostatic pressure. 
  • Sump Pump: Water collected in the sump pump is actively pumped up and out of the basement and away from your home. 
  • Wall Vapor Barrier: Vapor barriers installed on basement walls prevent water vapor intrusion. They also help with waterproofing by directing leaks to the perimeter drainage system. 
  • Dehumidifier: An energy-efficient dehumidifier improves indoor air quality by keeping moisture levels low, preventing mold growth, and eliminating odors. 
  • Wall Reinforcement: Stabilizers like carbon fiber straps and wall anchors prevent further wall cracking and movement that leads to leaks. 
  • Egress Windows: Egress window system upgrades enhance your home’s safety and meet code requirements. We use professional-grade sealants and materials to create a watertight seal around the window frame and openings. 

Our proprietary products are designed to permanently fix leaking basement windows and prevent water entry. Everything we install is fully customizable to meet your home’s unique challenges and repair requirements. 

Why Address Leaking Basement Windows 

There are several reasons why it’s crucial to address leaking basement windows right away, including: 

  • Prevent Mold Growth: Mold thrives in damp conditions. 
  • Improve Energy Efficiency: Leaky windows make heating and cooling more expensive. 
  • Preserve Structural Integrity: Excess moisture can weaken your home’s structure. 
  • Protect Belongings: Water damage can ruin valuable items stored in the basement. 
  • Enhance Home Value: A wet, damaged basement negatively impacts your home’s resale value. 

To fully solve this issue, you need Ohio Basement Authority and our range of proprietary, long-lasting solutions. We’ve developed our products to offer the most effective and long-term fixes. 

Contact Ohio Basement Authority for Reliable Basement Waterproofing Solutions 

Don’t let leaking basement windows ruin your home and your peace of mind. Ohio Basement Authority is committed to providing efficient, long-lasting solutions. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection to take the first step toward a drier, healthier home. 

We have helped homeowners throughout Ohio and Northern Kentucky waterproof their basements for 15 years. We are eager to help you, too. Residents know they can trust our unmatched customer care and reliable repairs. Experience the excellence for yourself and join us in creating a safer and healthier living environment. 


While temporary fixes are possible, professional help is strongly advised for a permanent and effective solution. We do not recommend DIY repairs because they can be complex, expensive, and temporary. Contact Ohio Basement Authority to schedule a free inspection and estimate. 

Repair costs vary depending on various factors, including the severity of damage and customized repairs. Ohio Basement Authority provides free inspections, no-obligation estimates, no hidden fees, and various financing options. Contact us to learn more. 

We can complete most projects within a few days. However, the precise timeline depends on the extent of the problem, the necessary repair solutions, and permits. Contact Ohio Basement Authority for a free inspection, estimate, and accurate project timeline. 

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