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Top 3 Ways to Fix Bowing Foundation Walls

installing wall braces to fix bowing foundation walls

Don’t let a cracking, inwardly leaning basement wall affect your family’s safety.

Invest in reliable bowed foundation wall repair for longtime structural stability and peace of mind.

A little wall movement might not seem like a big deal.

However, if it is left unrepaired, it could eventually lead to wall collapse.

Learn how to spot warning signs of bowing or failing walls early and how foundation repair professionals like Ohio Basement Authority can help you permanently repair and protect your home.

How Do I Know If I Have a Bowed Foundation Wall?

bowing basement wall

A bowing wall in your basement is one of the more obvious signs of foundation problems.

It’s usually easy to spot inward movement. Sometimes, it may only look slightly out of alignment.

You might also notice other symptoms in your basement that accompany bowing walls, including:

Why Is My Wall Bowing?

The main cause is the soil on your property.

Backfill soil placed around the basement walls after they are built is loose and more affected by precipitation than stable soil away from the house.

This is especially true of expansive clay-based soils, which are common throughout Central and Southern Ohio.

As precipitation and temperatures fluctuate throughout the year, the soil around your basement walls expands and contracts. This continuous movement puts a great deal of stress on your walls in the form of hydrostatic pressure.

Walls can eventually succumb to hydrostatic pressure, moving inward and developing cracks. This also allows for water intrusion, which leads to other issues like flooding and mold growth.

Our Top 3 Bowed Foundation Wall Repair Methods

It’s important to fix bowing walls right away before serious damage and safety hazards result.

That’s where our experienced team comes in. We’ll inspect your home and customize a repair solution that meets your needs.

There are three ways we fix bowing walls:

1. IntelliBrace™ Beams

IntelliBraceâ„¢ beams installed on a basement wall

Unlike traditional steel I-beams, our IntelliBrace™ beams are designed to be adjustable, allowing for potential wall re-straightening over time.

These heavy-duty galvanized beams are anchored securely against the bowing walls using a unique floor bracket system.

Once in place, the beams stabilize the walls in their current position, permanently halting any further bowing or displacement.

This system is ideal for walls with two inches or more of movement, and if the property lacks exterior space for wall anchor installation.

2. Wall Anchors

wall anchor installed on bowed foundation wall

Our wall anchor system provides reliable lateral reinforcement for basement walls with more than two inches of movement.

The system consists of sturdy anchor plates secured along the inside of the displaced wall, connected by steel rods to earth anchors strategically embedded in stable soils beyond the wall.

During the installation process, our trained crews use a specialized torque wrench to gradually tighten the steel anchor rods.

As tension builds within the anchor system, the interior and exterior anchor components are drawn toward each other. This generates a powerful opposing force that stops further inward wall movement while simultaneously improving the wall.

3. Channel Anchors

channel anchor installed on basement wall

If your basement walls are shearing—showing movement near the bottom—channel anchors are an ideal approach.

This system is a blend of the IntelliBrace™ system and wall anchors.

Earth anchors are embedded in stable soil away from the wall, but the interior wall anchors resemble beams that are bolted to the floor.

Channel anchors can also be tightened over time, allowing for incremental straightening.

It’s important to note that these methods can potentially return walls to their original positions, but there is no guarantee. However, they provide permanent stabilization and protect the walls from further movement.

Carbon Fiber: A Reinforcement, Not a Repair

Ohio Basement Authority crew installing carbon fiber straps on a basement wall

We also offer another wall repair solution: carbon fiber supports.

These are thin but strong straps that firmly adhere to the interior basement walls.

While these durable supports permanently stabilize the walls and prevent further movement, they do not have the ability to possibly restore the walls like our other methods mentioned here.

Carbon fiber straps hold walls in their current positions and are ideal for walls with minimal damage or inward movement of less than two inches.

Repair Bowed Walls The Right Way: Trust Ohio Basement Authority

Don’t let bowing basement walls compromise your home’s value and structural integrity. While cracking and inward displacement are serious issues that require professional repair, the certified experts at Ohio Basement Authority have proven solutions to permanently stabilize and potentially straighten foundation walls.

For dependable bowed wall foundation repair you can trust, look no further than the experienced crews from Ohio Basement Authority. We’ll complete a free inspection of your home and design a customized solution. Restoring your basement walls has never been easier with Ohio Basement Authority on the job.


We do not recommend implementing DIY repairs for bowed foundation walls. Those methods are temporary and can be costly and difficult to install. Trust professionals like Ohio Basement Authority to install reliable, customized solutions. Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate.

No, complete foundation replacement is an extreme and unnecessary measure in most cases. Our retrofit solutions—including wall braces, wall anchors, and channel anchors—can effectively reinforce and restore structural integrity to your existing foundation.

Most wall repair projects from Ohio Basement Authority can be completed in just one to two days by our efficient, experienced crews. Your inspector will provide a detailed timeline during your free inspection appointment.

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