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Concrete Floor Repair

Your home should be a sanctuary, but what happens when the concrete floor supporting your house starts showing signs of cracking and sinking? This is not just about aesthetics; the condition of your interior concrete floor can pose severe safety risks.  

Fortunately, with Ohio Basement Authority’s specialized concrete lifting process, this challenge is a thing of the past. Our cutting-edge SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam injections lift and stabilize concrete floors, ensuring your home’s safety. 

As the leader in concrete lifting solutions in Central and Southern Ohio, homeowners trust us for personalized customer care and effective concrete floor repair process. 

This page guides you through the signs your concrete needs repair, the benefits of repair, and why our solution is the best choice for your home and your peace of mind. 

What is Concrete Floor Repair? 

Concrete floor repair restores and reinforces interior slab floors that have cracked, sunk, or suffered damage.  

We do not recommend investing in mudjacking or DIY repairs like self-leveling concrete. These temporary solutions fail to tackle the cause of the problem, resulting in further damage and costly repairs. 

Advanced methods such as concrete lifting can address underlying issues like unstable soil or oversaturation. This involves injecting a lightweight polyurethane foam underneath the concrete to fill voids and raise the slab. 

This process isn’t just about the floor itself. At Ohio Basement Authority, concrete floor repair is part of our whole-home approach to solving foundation problems and creating a healthy home. 

If we determine your concrete floor damage results from foundation problems, we recommend foundation repair solutions such as piers. Slab piers, in particular, are designed for homes with slab foundations. 

Signs Your Home Needs Concrete Floor Repair 

If you notice any of these signs on your concrete floors, repair is likely needed: 

Understanding when you need concrete floor repair can make a significant difference in the longevity and safety of your home. Contact Ohio Basement Authority at the first sign of these or other problems. 

Is Concrete Floor Repair Necessary? 

Yes, repairing cracked and uneven concrete floors is necessary. 

If you don’t repair damaged concrete floors, the problems will worsen as the soil shifts and moisture seeps underneath the concrete. This can lead to trip hazards, continued cracking, and potential structural damage. 

Repairing concrete floors sooner rather than later and avoiding mudjacking and DIY solutions prevents further deterioration and saves money.  

Ohio Basement Authority’s concrete lifting technique stabilizes the soil under your floor for a long-lasting solution. Our other solutions, such as slab piers, tackle foundation issues from the ground up. 

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Floor Repair? 

Repairing cracked, uneven concrete floors results in several benefits: 

Create a Hazard-Free Home 

Lifting and stabilizing sunken concrete eliminates trip hazards and creates a safer environment for your family and guests. Repairing your floors brings peace of mind. 

Restore Your Floor’s Appearance 

Our concrete lifting process smooths out cracked and uneven floors, improving aesthetics. We restore the sleek look of your home or garage’s concrete. 

Enhance Property Value 

Repairing damaged concrete floors protects your investment and enhances property value by creating an attractive, pristine floor. Homes with damaged concrete floors sell for less. 

Protection with a Long-Lasting Solution 

Our proprietary PolyRenewal™ foam system delivers durable results, unlike basic DIY options. Specially engineered for concrete lifting, our products provide long-term stabilization you can rely on. 

To get the most out of concrete floor repair, choose our proven lifting products and professional installation. 

How We Install Concrete Floor Repair 

Here is the step-by-step process our experts use to repair concrete floors: 

  • Drill small, penny-sized holes in the affected areas of the concrete floor. 
  • Place injection ports in the drilled holes. 
  • Mix a two-part, closed-cell polymer foam. 
  • Inject foam through the ports beneath the slab. 
  • Allow foam to expand, fill voids, and cure within 15 minutes. 
  • Stabilize the slab floor and underlying soil. 
  • Remove the injection ports and patch the holes. 
  • Seal joints and cracks to prevent moisture damage. 
  • Schedule regular maintenance for your concrete floor to ensure lasting repairs. 

Your home may instead require foundation repair solutions. Visit our Slab Pier page to learn more about the pier installation process. 

As the authority in concrete and foundation repairs for 15 years, our experienced crews know how to properly assess and repair your home’s concrete floors. Trust our team for the best installation experience. 

Why Our Floor Repair is the Best Choice for Your Home 

Ohio Basement Authority’s PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system sets itself apart from the rest in the realm of concrete floor remediation thanks to its: 

  • Unparalleled Precision: The PolyRenewal™ method guarantees unrivaled accuracy when lifting and securing concrete floors. 
  • Streamlined Approach: Our system eliminates the need for hassles like bulky equipment and extensive digging. 
  • Lightweight Material: Our foam is significantly lighter, unlike other materials commonly used in mudjacking or concrete repouring. 
  • Swift Results: Our solution solidifies in 15 minutes, saving you time and minimizing disruptions. 
  • Durability: It stands strong in the face of environmental challenges, providing a long-lasting solution. 
  • Versatility: Our system can be applied to a wide range of concrete surfaces, catering to your specific needs. 
  • Environmental Friendliness: We take pride in using non-toxic, sustainable, and enduring materials that will not wash out or leach harmful chemicals into your soil or home. 
  • Seamless Integration: Our repairs seamlessly blend with the existing environment, offering a discreet solution. 
  • Dedication to Excellence: Our commitment to quality is evident in our annual maintenance schedules, ensuring long-lasting excellence. 

Repairing your concrete floor is an essential investment for your home. Get the repairs done right the first time with Ohio Basement Authority. 

Contact Ohio Basement Authority for Concrete Floor Repair Today! 

If your concrete floors are cracked, sinking, or uneven, our team at Ohio Basement Authority can help. We offer free inspections and no-obligation repair estimates. Our expert technicians will inspect your floors and recommend the best repair plan to fix and prevent further damage. 

Homeowners in Central and Southern Ohio know they can rely on our unwavering customer service and quality solutions, as we’ve been the go-to expert for 15 years. At Ohio Basement Authority, we are dedicated to delivering excellence. Restore your home with the best in the business and let us bring safety back to your living space.


Common causes of concrete floor damage include soil instability, foundation settlement, saturation, freeze/thaw cycles, improper installation, and ground movement. Ohio Basement Authority’s experts will thoroughly assess your home during a free inspection to determine the source of the issue and recommend appropriate repairs. 

It can be tempting to simply cover or fill floor cracks when you see them in your home, but we urge you not to do this. As well as covering up the progression of underlying issues, rather than dealing with them, filling in these cracks could cause more damage. 

Covering Issues Won’t Fix Them 

Covering up cracks by resurfacing concrete floors may make your home look better, but it is only a temporary fix and should not be viewed as an actual solution to floor cracks unless they are stable. If the cracks are still actively forming and spreading in your home, they will simply recur. They may open up in the same place, form adjacent to the filled-in cracks, or worst of all, simply deepen without being visible. This can have many consequences for you and your home. 

When the cracks recur, they will need to be dealt with again. This will increase the real cost of your repairs every time that you address the same issue. More seriously, however, when they do recur, the cracks may be less stable, deeper, or cause fragmentation in your floor. This will create tripping hazards and could start to impact the stability of the rest of your home. As such, it is far better to deal with these issues fully as they present themselves. 

The Wrong Kind of Filler Could Be Catastrophic 

One thing that many homeowners do not realize is that trying to fill in floor cracks can also make them worse. There are certain kinds of filler and specialist concrete that are advertised as able to expand into cracks to fully seal them, but when they are used incorrectly or in the wrong situation, they can actually make the cracks spread and grow. This is caused by the pressure of the expansion and sometimes by the way in which water creeps between the filler and the original concrete. 

A professional knows when these fillers are appropriate, of course, and will make quick work of the repairs themselves, even if the cracks are fairly advanced in nature. They will also be able to offer you a permanent solution because they will address the underlying causes of damage, as well as the visible signs. This is especially important if foundation damage is the root cause. 

Routine inspections and annual maintenance helps to keep concrete floors level and avoid cracking. Proper drainage and basement water management solutions also help. Contact us to learn more and to schedule a free inspection

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