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Bouncy Floors

A solid floor is a sign of a well-structured home, but if you feel like you’re no longer walking on solid ground and your steps result in a bouncy sensation, it’s time to investigate. 

This isn’t a quirk to ignore or a quaint feature of an aging house; it’s a sign that could point to deeper structural issues needing immediate attention. 

Ohio Basement Authority recognizes the importance of your home’s integrity. We offer extensive crawl space repair services to address the actual cause of bouncy floors, averting further harm. 

In this guide, we explore the phenomenon of bouncy floors, uncover their causes, and introduce our tailored solutions designed to effectively repair the issue. 

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What Are Bouncy Floors? 

When your floor exhibits flexibility or a noticeable bounce or sag as you walk across it, these are the telltale signs of what are commonly referred to as bouncy floors. This is a problem that is often most evident on the upper stories of homes with a crawl space. 

Floor bounce occurs when floor joists and the supports beneath them lack sufficient strength or stability to carry the weight above, causing the floor to shift slightly under pressure. 

Signs that you have bouncy floors include: 

While seemingly trivial at first, bouncy floors often indicate more serious structural issues that will worsen if left unaddressed. Contacting a crawl space repair specialist like Ohio Basement Authority is crucial at the first sign of these problems. 

Why Your Home Has Bouncy Floors 

Understanding bouncy floors means getting to the bottom of their causes, which commonly include: 

  • Over Spanned Joists: Joists that are too far apart or too long for their depth become over spanned, leading to excess flexing. 
  • Inadequate Support: Sub-par support structures, such as poorly installed or shifted posts and beams, can lack necessary support. 
  • Weakened Joists: Joists can weaken over time due to moisture, rot, pest damage, or general deterioration. 
  • Heavy Loads: An overabundance of weight from furnishings or appliances can overburden joists. 
  • Foundation Damage: Foundation issues can place undue stress on structural supports. 

Ohio Basement Authority’s skilled professionals conduct thorough inspections to diagnose these issues when evaluating bouncy floors. 

Can You Fix Bouncy Floors? 

Yes, bouncy floors are fixable. But it’s vital to address them in a way that gets to the heart of the problem, rather than settling for a quick fix.  

Your home is unique and needs more than simply a “one-size-fits-all” solution. DIY attempts and store-bought products often fail to tackle the root of the damage and can be risky to install. 

A holistic approach is necessary for a durable repair. Ohio Basement Authority uses a comprehensive method, starting with in-depth inspections to pinpoint the causes of your bouncing floors, followed by custom strategies to stabilize and even elevate the floors back to their intended level. 

How to Fix Bouncy Floors 

Here’s how Ohio Basement Authority approaches the repair of sagging floors: 

Detailed Crawl Space Assessment 

Our trained experts begin with a meticulous crawl space inspection to discover the precise causes of your sagging and bouncy floors. 

Diagnosing the Issues and Planning Solutions 

After thorough analysis, we diagnose the problems accurately, allowing us to formulate effective, customized solutions. 

Stabilization with Ohio Basement Authority Support Solutions 

We install SettleStop™ IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Support Jacks to fortify weakened floor joists. 

Tailoring to Crawl Space Specifications 

Understanding that every crawl space differs, we customize our supports to match your home’s specific needs. 

Precise Adjustment for Optimal Support 

Our experts adjust the support systems to the exact requirements necessary to reinforce your floors, potentially restoring them to their original condition. 

Encapsulate the Crawl Space 

Repairing and protecting your crawl space also involves addressing excessive moisture that harms your support structure. This includes sealing vents, waterproofing with interior drainage and a sump pump, encapsulation with a vapor barrier, insulating the walls, and dehumidifying the space. 

Ohio Basement Authority’s proprietary support systems are constructed to surpass typical industry standards, ensuring your home’s foundation maintains its structural integrity for the future. 

Our approach goes beyond cosmetic fixes, addressing the fundamental causes of sagging floors to secure your home’s foundation long-term. 

Why Address Bouncy Floors Now 

Taking immediate action on bouncy floors is crucial for: 

  • Safety: Sturdy floors minimize tripping hazards and ensure a safer living environment. 
  • Avoid Further Damage: Swift action can prevent a minor repair from turning into a major overhaul. 
  • Improved Comfort: A solid floor eliminates unwanted noise and movement, enhancing the comfort of your home. 
  • Home Value: A well-maintained foundation contributes significantly to the value of your property. 

Ohio Basement Authority’s state-of-the-art solutions surpass typical methods, targeting the specific challenges of bouncy floors for optimal home health. 

Contact Ohio Basement Authority for Trusted Crawl Space Repair Solutions 

Bouncy floors can compromise the safety and comfort of your home. Don’t put your family in danger; repair and protect your home today with help from the trusted local experts at Ohio Basement Authority. 

We bring advanced diagnostics, custom-engineered solutions, and a team of seasoned professionals to secure your home’s foundation. Contact us today to schedule a free crawl space inspection and no-obligation repair estimate and take the first step towards peace of mind. 


The length of the repair project varies based on the extent of the damage and needed repairs, but we prioritize efficiency and quality. A detailed timeline will be provided after a free inspection with an Ohio Basement Authority expert. 

Costs vary based on the severity of the damage, the size of your crawl space, and the necessary remedies. Once an Ohio Basement Authority expert assesses your home during a free inspection, they’ll provide a detailed cost breakdown in a no-obligation estimate and financing options to meet your budget.

Bouncy floors rooted in structural issues require professional expertise for a reliable fix. DIY remedies can be dangerous and only last temporarily. Ohio Basement Authority thoroughly evaluates your home during a free inspection to determine the cause and recommend the best repair solutions. Contact us today to learn more and to book an appointment. 

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