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Sticking Doors & Windows

If you’ve noticed difficulty with opening and closing windows and doors around your home, the problem may not be with the doors and windows themselves. This is often a telltale sign of deeper foundation issues. 

Sagging floors and sticking doors and windows are common signs of foundation settlement. Address these symptoms early. Contact local repair specialists as soon as possible. 

Ohio Basement Authority is Central and Southern Ohio’s premier foundation repair expert, with nearly 15 years of experience helping homeowners regain the structural integrity of their homes. If you’re dealing with sticking doors or windows, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

By reading this page, you’ll better understand what’s behind sticking doors and windows and how Ohio Basement Authority addresses the root cause with tailored solutions.

What Are Sticking Doors and Windows? 

Sticking doors and windows are challenging to open and may jam halfway. These difficulties are often coupled with doors that don’t fit well within their frames. 

Such issues point to more significant structural concerns with your home and often accompany other visual symptoms, including:  

Ignoring these symptoms can result in increasingly severe damage to your home. Contact Ohio Basement Authority for a free inspection when you notice these and other problems in your home. 

What Causes Sticking Doors and Windows? 

Several factors make doors and windows stick, including: 

  • Settling Foundations: When a foundation settles unevenly—a process known as differential settlement—floors can become uneven, and walls may shift, causing doors and windows to jam. 
  • Deteriorating Crawl Space Supports: If your home has a crawl space, poor crawl space supports can develop due to conditions like wood rot or water damage. This can lead to sagging floors and sticking doors and windows. 
  • Water Damage: Excess moisture can cause door and window frames to warp and swell, contributing to the sticking problem. 

Additionally, improper soil compaction, expansive clay soils, poor drainage, and natural soil shifts beneath your home can lead to foundation problems and sticking issues. 

Can Sticking Doors and Windows Be Fixed? 

Yes, you can effectively resolve sticking doors and windows by addressing the underlying structural problems with professional foundation repair. This tackles the root cause of the issue. 

We do not recommend fixing the issue yourself. Even if you replace your doors, windows, and frames, the underlying causes remain, and the damage persists, increasing your repair costs. 

Being homeowners ourselves, our team understands the frustrations and complexities associated with foundation problems. Trust us to repair the damage at the source and use reliable tools and solutions to protect your home. 

How Ohio Basement Authority Fixes Sticking Doors and Windows 

We understand every home is different, so we provide customized solutions based on each home’s unique challenges and repair needs. These include: 

  • Foundation Piers: Our array of foundation piers—helical, push, and slab—are installed deep into the ground and anchored in sturdy soil, as seen here. This permanently stabilizes and potentially lifts settling foundations. 
  • Crawl Space Supports: Durable, adjustable crawl space support jacks permanently reinforce weak floors and floor joists and can possibly lift sagging floors. 
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation: Water management solutions and a thick vapor barrier help control crawl space moisture that can impact flooring and other wooden components. 
  • Basement Waterproofing: We employ similar solutions in basements for moisture management, including interior drains, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and wall vapor barriers. 

Contact Ohio Basement Authority for a free inspection and accurate assessment of repair solutions that benefit your specific situation. 

Why Address Sticking Doors and Windows Now? 

Immediate action is crucial for several reasons, such as: 

  • Untreated foundation problems will worsen over time. 
  • Delay can lead to further damage to window and door frames. 
  • Ignoring the issue may lead to expensive future repairs. 
  • Cosmetic fixes are temporary and can exacerbate the problem in the long run. 

With Ohio Basement Authority, you can rely on our professional, permanent foundation repair services to safeguard your home and eliminate sticking issues once and for all. 

Contact Ohio Basement Authority for Your Sticking Doors and Windows Solutions 

Windows and doors that are difficult to open and close are more than just an annoyance; they often point to underlying problems with your foundation that require immediate attention. 

If you’re grappling with sticking doors and windows, allow Ohio Basement Authority to inspect your foundation and offer customized solutions. Our professional team delivers permanent fixes to free your doors and windows from sticking issues. Contact us today to book your free estimate!


Sticking windows and doors are primarily caused by instability and shifting in the structure of a property. Foundation damage is usually what leads to that. 

Subsidence and Settlement 

Subsidence and settlement are two of the most concerning and serious foundation problems that can develop in any property. When they take root, every part of a property is affected, even the doors and windows. Doors and windows that begin to jam in a subsiding property, or a property undergoing settlement, do so because the frames are being deformed as the structure tilts. 

This process of tilting, shifting, or sinking can be caused by many different issues, but it generally comes down to the stability and strength of the soil under your home. Soil that is overly expansive, loose, weak, or saturated will inevitably shift underneath a property when put under stress. Poor foundation drainage is just one possible contributing factor. 

Poor Foundation Drainage 

Foundation drainage is something that most people don’t think about until it becomes an issue, but it is incredibly important to every aspect of a property’s health and well-being. For example, a property with poor foundation drainage is more likely to start sinking, face bowing walls, and deal with persistent dampness and pest-related issues. 

This is partly because of how poor foundation drainage contributes to perimeter saturation, but also because of how bad interior drainage will increase the relative humidity in a home. Poor foundation drainage can occur because of clogs, blockages, damage, and drainage systems that have an inadequate capacity for water. 

High humidity can lead to minor sticking, but persistent issues indicate deeper structural problems. Contact Ohio Basement Authority for a free inspection and to learn more. Our experts will pinpoint the root cause of the problem and recommend repairs tailored to your home’s needs. 

We do not recommend DIY foundation repair, as they usually do more harm than good. Sticking doors and windows may appear to be a minor issue, but addressing the root cause requires a professional assessment and solutions. Contact Ohio Basement Authority today for a free inspection and estimate. 

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